Taking care of your health starts with proper nutrition!

Hypertension is a human disease in which the blood pressure increases, affecting the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to all organs and tissues of the human body.

Therefore, it is so important to keep blood pressure under control, and diet is an excellent assistant in this.

Especially for patients with hypertension, doctors have developed the DASH diet, which helps to reduce blood pressure.

It is necessary to consume more fish, chicken with white meat and less red meat. Dairy products are obligatory – yogurt, kefir, milk, low-fat varieties of cheese, cottage cheese. Limit the consumption of fatty foods and sweets.
The DASH diet involves a system of 6 meals a day, which allows you to keep blood sugar levels stable and reduces the feeling of hunger. It is important to monitor the quality of the foods consumed and adhere to recommendations that help control blood pressure.

The DASH diet is an optimal eating plan for everyone, especially for patients with hypertension. Following it will help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and keep the body healthy.